Friday, April 4, 2008

What a week!

Boy, this week has been busy. I finally changed my header. I need to try again I think. LOL.

DH started his new job and loves it. I was so glad to see him excited Monday morning instead of grumping around about going to work. We're on day five and he still loves it. He went from working in a 34 degree room to being outside, working with his hands, and using his brain. It was big change and so worth the cut in pay to do it.

I found a new place to play and make friends. Go check it out. I haven't had a chance to do much over there yet, but hope to soon.

My new glasses came. When I picked out these frames I didn't realize that the hump from a broken nose a hundred years ago made the frames sit crooked. If I put them on and balance them just right they're straight. Oh well. Nobody ever sees me in my glasses anyway.

There hasn't been any time to craft lately. I started going through my scrap bag last night, sorting and decided to make up a few yo-yo's.

I've been to the post office and Danetta should be getting her box-o-junk soon.

A swing by the thrift store netted me another old apron and two McCoy planters.

I have been out bonding with my dirt and I'm still amazed at how digging in dirt lifts my spirits and can banish a bad mood.

Mom took me anniversary shopping this afternoon and I came home with three crepe myrtle (pink, red, and white), two regular and a dwarf.

I also came home with this beauty.

Every year, Mom buys me a rose for either our anniversary or my birthday. Every year she thinks she's getting a yellow rose and it ends up being something else. This year by golly, she knows it's yellow. It's a climing rose and I have the perfect place for it.

In other garden news, the grape vines are putting out leaves, the lilac is beginning to bloom, tulips are blooming, and the red bud is in full bloom.

I sometimes wonder what I've done since we bought this house. All I really have to do is walk around the yard and my question in answered. Part of the appeal of this house was the yard, but it didn't have any flowers, ornamental trees, or charm. I'm slowly getting there.

I'm wishing a happy, safe, and blessed weekend to each and every one of my dear readers.


tj said...

...Hello Aunt Jo! Well you know the ol' sayin', "if hubby ain't happy, ain't nobody happy" ;o) I'm glad to hear that he likes his new job - that is so important, more so than the pay but people don't see it that way...

...Oh your Apronista link brings me to a sign-in page and says the admin. has to approve me first. Just thought I'd let you know... ;o)

...Yeah, I agree about the workin' in the yard or garden lifts ones spirits - friends laugh at me when I tell them that dirt is medicinal! lol... :o)

...Would love to see photos of your house and yard - don't you live in an old house too? Anyway, have a great weekend!

...God bless... :o)

Danetta said...

Oh Danetta is going to do a happy dance at the post office again. I sure hope they don't have cameras in there.

Too bad the Apronista is invitation only. I guess they do it to keep the rif-raf out.

I would love to see your flower and tree pictures. I love flowers so much and I do believe yellow roses are my all time very favorite flower. But really, God didn't make a mistakes especially not with flowers.

Once I needed to be in a better mood and asked to help my step-mom trim back her iris bed. A few hours later and after it was almost scalped, I sure did feel better but she hasn't let me help with the iris bed any more.

Hope your hubby continues to enjoy his new job. It is so important to like your job.

Annie said...

Such a lovely rose! What's its name? I kill roses with my black thumb on a regular basis. I need a new one to work on.

Enjoy hubby in church tomorrow!

SchnauzerMom said...

Sounds like you have a gorgeous yard.

JLynnette (Aunt Jo) said...

TJ, send email me and I'll send you an invite to Apronista. My house is only 78 years old. Still a youngster compared to yours. :)

Danetta, I sent you an invite.

Annie, the tag says Climbing Golden Showers.

For the perves out there, we're talking roses. Pfft!

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