Sunday, April 27, 2008

Contrary to popular belief...

I did not run away with Raul the cabana boy, get kidnapped by aliens, or crawl under a rock to hide until 2009 (although I wish I had).

No. Any one of the above would have been more pleasant than being totally and completely blind-sided by life this last week. Rather than bore you with the details, let's just say I didn't get anything fun done and only minimally got done what had to be done.

This week isn't looking any more promising.

Evidently our church has decided that traditional services are no more. Instead there will be two morning services, both contemporary. I have absolutely nothing against contemporary services for those who enjoy them. I choose not to attend them. They are foreign to me and make me uncomfortable. I like my religion straight up without the frills. It's how I was raised.

I realize that the sermon and the message it sends is the important thing and that how you get to the message is just a part of it.

But, when I can't concentrate on the sermon and understand the preacher because I've got steel guitars, saxophones, tambourines, and that last screeching Hallelujah! reverberating through my skull, it's a problem. It's been two hours and my ears are still ringing. I honestly couldn't tell you what the sermon was today and I feel like I was cheated.

DH was just as shocked. I suppose now we're on the hunt for a new church with traditional services. I wish we'd gotten the memo telling us of the changes so we could have started looking this morning.

Things we can look forward to this week:
Finishing the towels; only three left, planning a party, and a little girl's first doll quilt.


Sue Neitzel said...

Sorry to hear this, it has to be hard to find another church that you feel comfortable in, good luck!

Annie said...

I haven't been to church in years for that very reason. You'd think the Suthan Baptists would keep it traditional, but just enough New Age whiney pretentious podium performing has crept in to peeve me to pieces. I figure there's no reason to go to church if I'm just going to come away mad.

I keep thinking that, one of these days, Hubby will make up his mind about relocating, so I don't ever church shop.

SchnauzerMom said...

My church has two services on Sunday morning, one is traditional and the other is contemporary. I must confess that I prefer the contemporary, I love the music.