Kitchen Redo

 I've waited a long time to redo this kitchen. There wasn't anything about it that I liked and cooking was a chore in the dungeon. So back in March I took a week of vacation and bit the bullet. It only took us 21 days to go from this to a functioning kitchen.

Uber attractive vinyl thanks
Gorgeous fluorescent lighting and drab brown, still no
Lurking behind the stove wall cabinets...a stove
pipe maybe?
Super snazzy wall behind the fridge...gack!
We took it back to bare walls and in some places back to the lath, pulled up acres of brown flooring, took down miles of paneling,  ripped out cabinets and basically, started over. Three weeks of sheer misery to a masterpiece. It was so worth it.


The wall where you once saw a stove pipe
Bright shiny white cabinets
Added floor space by moving the fridge
No more gacky wall
Sink centered under the window and the
dishwasher on the right side
Tiled backsplash and zinc behind the stove
Finally! A place to put groceries in a wall of pantries
Island on wheels made from a section of
cabinet, topped with zinc.
Gorgeous 82 year old wood floors
I love cooking in my new kitchen. It's light, bright, and airy.


craftylady said...

Love it! Not just saying that because I put a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into helping you with this project. Well, maybe no tears or blood but definetly lots of scrapes and bangs! The end result is fabulous and deserve this great space!

JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

ohhh it is so delightfully lovely!! I keep saying that I am going to paint my cupboards - they are standard ugly builder basics - pretend oak - ugggggly - but I'm a chicken. I guess I need to buy the paint - because besides being a chicken, I dreadfully cheap and if I have the paint I will feel guilty if I don't use it - maybe that is my answer. Anyway, I hope to end up with a kitchen as pretty as yours. No new flooring needed, already have bright white appliances that I love - could do with a new sink but that can wait - but paint - I must paint!