Friday, November 30, 2007


If ever I was glad to see a Friday, today would be the day.

This week has been miserable. I've done exactly two things on my to-do list. That's bad.

At this point in the semester I'm ready to chuck the whole thing in the garbage and go bag groceries at the local Homeland.

Somehow having two hideously impossible tests in one week just makes me grumpy. Really grumpy. I woke up at 7:15 this morning with class notes and books strewn across the bed, the TV and light both still on, my ponytail askew and a crick in my neck. The last time I remember looking at the clock it was 3:20. I don't know when I conked out. The night before it was 4:07 the last time I checked. I'm too old for this nonsense. It's a good thing DH was gone hunting or he'd have had a litter of puppies. He's cranky that way.

I'm over it now though. Tomorrow is December 1st.

The arrival of December means I'm supposed to put up our tree and execute my pathetic attempt at decorating. I kind of want my remodeling/renovation done before I decorate, but that could mean several more holiday seasons without decorations. That won't work.

I wonder which one of the kids I can bribe to go up in the attic and hand stuff down so we can get to the business of decorating?

Sorry for the stream of thought post. It just feels good to kind of unload my mind. Now I think I'll go visit my friends' blogs and see what they've been up to since my last visit.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

A few more thoughts

I just read this article, Selling Handmade Items:Do cut price handmade goods compromise the market?

and followed a link to Pricing Your Sewing and Needle Work.

Both articles make perfect sense. On one hand, I don't want to ruin the market by charging what I think is a fair price and completely undercutting the other apron makers. But at the same time my items aren't exactly like theirs and so our costs are different. I feel like I need to take geographic differences into account as well. Living in the middle of the US is certainly cheaper than living on either coast.

I think I'll sit down and do some more figuring (overhead, etc.) and come up with a price I can live with that is fair to the customer, the other apron makers and myself.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Questions for my gentle readers

Okay girls (and any guys that might lurk), I need help.

This post is all about prices and how I'm having a hard time setting them.

I suppose this is the age old problem of every crafter that has ever tried to put a price on something they've made.

Now, about these aprons, what would you be willing to pay for one, either for yourself or as a gift?

I can tell you it takes 2 yards of fabric, give or take 5 yards of trim, and maybe 1-1/2 hours when I can just sit and sew. The end result is a reversible apron with two pockets on each side.

Total cost of materials are from 13.57 up to 23.00 if I go with really snazzy fabric that's not on sale.

I look at the aprons on Etsy and other places on the web and I'm shocked at some of the prices. I want to be fair, but I don't want to give them away either.

I guess what I'm asking is, what do you pay yourself? Do you pay yourself or is this just a fun thing to make a little pin money? What would you charge for something like this?

Tell me what you think. Pretty please.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Did a little sewing

After my Friday posting binge, I got busy sewing on Saturday.

I finished my sister's, the chef-to-be, apron. It turned out pretty cute.

I'm worried it's not going to be enough coverage. This particular pattern is reported to fit size 4-24. I don't believe it. I'm tempted to get more of these fabrics and go with the Qwik Sew pattern that I know would cover well.

Anyway. Here's the recipe side.

and the olive side.

I started on the flannel sleep pants for the kids. If I had known how ridiculously easy this pattern was (Simplicity 3669), I would have cut out all four pairs at once. As it is, I only cut out one. These little britches were 35 minutes from the time I cut them out to hemming the last leg. It doesn't go much faster than that.

I've decided I'm sizing impaired. I got both kids and measured them and came up with all kinds of odd stuff.

Caitlyn's size according to measurements: Height (size 6), waist (size 10), hips (size 7).

Sam's size according to measurements: Height (size 8), waist (size size 12), hips (size 7).

My scientific way of sizing was to take the three sizes and average them. I came out with a 10 for Sam and an 8 for Cait.

I had both kids try on the purple pants and they fit both in the waist and hips. The length was good for Sam, but Miss Shorty Britches needs about 4 inches cut off.

That doesn't look like much for all of the effort I put into yesterday.

Unfortunately, it's cold and the kids can't go out so they have cabin fever. I don't need them any sicker than they already are or I'd poke them out the door and wave as they headed for the treehouse. I broke up fights and separated kids most of the day. Definitely not how I like to spend my time.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Weather as it happens

No, those orbs aren't anything paranormal.

And now for the 5 o'clock weather...

Look out my window and what do I see, nothing but sleet and it's chilling me. (Okay, so I can't sing and have a really wierd sense of humor.)

We got our first Winter 2007 snow at 3:42 PM today. As you can see, it didn't amount to much and has now turned to sleet. This wasn't supposed to be here until Saturday. Surprise!

Now it feels like winter.

Black Friday

So, how are you spending your day?

My mother tried to convince me it would be a good idea to go shopping before sunrise this morning. I declined.

I just can't face the crowds of people pushing, shoving, stealing items from other shopping baskets, and the hoards of little ones that should still be home tucked in their beds. I can't do it.

If you participated, I hope you found everything you went after and I applaud your bravery.

I haven't called to see if she went or not. I hope she stayed home.

That's where we are. We're in our jammies enjoying being lazy today. The kids are watching cartoons and I'm making disasters come alive in the sewing room.

The black and white wool bag isn't going to happen. It all came down to bad choices on my part and now that it's almost finished I'm not willing to invest any more time into it. As it stands now, I've got a really neat looking little bowl type thing to hold ribbons and other frippery. I'll try again later.

I really want to just go curl up with a good book and see if I can read myself into a nap. I'm sure the kids have different ideas though and it won't happen.

I've got a couple of aprons in mind and need to go cut out the fabric and get started. They shouldn't take long.

How'd you do that?

A week or so ago I finally gave up on my tomatoes ever ripening on the vine. The weather was getting cooler and I was going to lose them all if I didn't do something soon.

I hated to do it, but I went out and picked the biggest tomatoes and brought them in. The bushes, I ripped them up by the roots and laid them aside to go in the compost bin.

I counted 47 greener-than-a-gourd tomatoes. These were even too green to make fried green tomatoes.

In the back of my little brain there was a memory niggling around. I finally worked it to the surface and did what my granny use to do with tomatoes at the end of the season.

I put my 47 too-green tomatoes in a brown paper bag with an apple and rolled down the top, setting the bag aside to do it's thing.

I let a few days go by and checked on it. Low and behold! I had 4 red, ripe tomatoes. Hooray!

I took those out and closed up the bag. I've been doing this every couple of days for a week and I'm nearly out of too green tomatoes.

The kids think this is amazing. They want to know how I did it. How did I get those red tomatoes in that bag with the green ones and the apple? I just tell them it's helping nature along.

I'd love to go into the whole gas exchange, dark environment, ripening thing with them, but I know they're little eyes would glaze over and I'd lose them the first time I said ethylene oxide.

So for now, it seems like magic.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

I just wanted to wish all of my wonderful blog friends a safe and happy Thanksgiving.

My duties this year are to make the dressing, a pumpkin pie, deviled eggs, and cranberry sauce. I normally end up doing it all, but my mother decided to help this year. Bless her!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

First Etsy listings

I did it! I bit the bullet and put a couple of things up.

I've never been so scared. That nagging doubt that my stuff isn't good enough sat right there in the back of my mind the whole time.

Then I started worrying. What if someone buys something, hates it, and is ugly. I just know I'll cry and all confidence will go out the window.

Okay, enough of that.

Go have a look at Country Traditions and please, be honest and tell me what you think.

10 things

Here are 10 things I'm thankful for this year. I could probably list 10 more.

In no particular order...

1. My husband. (He supports me through thick and thin and still loves me when I mess up)

2. My family. (I wouldn't be half the person I am without the kids. I am so blessed to have them in my life)

3. My home. (This old house gives me so much)

4. My health.

5. My friends, old and new. (Good friends are hard to find)

6. My faith. (God gets me through each day)

7. My education.

8. Natural wonders. (Leaves, rain, sunsets, sunrise, snow, wind, etc...)

9. My talents. (I need to use them more)

10. Coffee.

Monday, November 19, 2007

What a day

Sam had a doctor's appointment in OKC today so we spent most of the day running around up there.

Let me just say, if the road crews are working on a road and have it closed, I would dearly appreciate them putting the 'Road Closed' sign further out so I don't drive down the said closed road and have to figure out how to get turned around. Boy did I feel stupid and I wasn't even in OKC yet. LOL!

Construction was just crazy all over town and I don't do crazy.

The good news, he doesn't have to go back to the doctor unless something comes up later on with his ADHD. She's very impressed that he's being homeschooled and doing so well. We are blessed!

I had the opportunity to do a little bit of shopping so I took it. I wouldn't drive 75 miles to shop any other time so I thought I was doing a good thing.

I got this fabric to make my chef-to-be sister an apron. It just screamed her name. I found the recipe print at Hobby Lobby. and the olive print I found at Hancock Fabrics as a remnant.

Sam, being a 9 year old little boy, found the only glass shelf with a corner broken off in the whole store and cut his arm as he walked by. Hobby Lobby will be receiving a box of Band-Aids for Christmas. I couldn't believe no one had a bandaid of any kind. Of course I also couldn't believe they had a broken piece of glass being used as a shelf either. He's fine and Hobby Lobby changed out the shelf. Now Sam doesn't want to look at anything in that store again. Poor kid.

I normally don't fall for fat quarters due to the ridiculous price, but one of my current projects is fat quarter friendly and I can get two or so items out of one so it makes it not quite so cost prohibitive, plus these were on sale at Hancock Fabrics. There are some yard+ length remnants under the fats.

Now I'm tired and my head hurts from clenching my teeth most of the day.

Oh, I also picked up a bag making book. I'm having fits with my wool bag and I need help!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Pictures as promised

All kinds of doll patterns.

Six yards of this one...

and six yards of this one. It's not really this purple in person.

Old red and white apron.

This one is going to Etsy. Veggies on one side and blue floral on the other.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

I did it!

I actually did some sewing today.

Mom came and got the kids about noon, so I went in my little room, shut the door, and locked it.

I managed to get a reversible apron made. This one's going on Etsy. I think it's pretty cute. Once again, a new pattern and there was a learning curve. I'm a slow learner.

DH heard me talking about wanting a dress form so he's buying me one as a late birthday present. The one I want is cute, nothing that could actually be used as a dress form, more as a decoration. The best part, it's $35. I should have it sometime after Thanksgiving. While I would love to have a real dress form, I just can't see spending $100+ on one so I can hang an apron on it.

I think I'll name her Ingabo Mazel Barthena Zerilda, IMBZ (I'm busy) for short, after four of my grandmothers.

Boy am I glad my parents liked me and didn't name me after my grannies.

I spent a little time thrifting this morning and found a cute little red and white apron for a quarter and a bunch of patterns similar to the one that Sue sent me.

Fabric, boy did I find fabric. Six yards of homespun for $5 and another 6 yards for $6. One of them will make a really cute tree skirt.

Pictures of this mess tomorrow. Night all.

You're only half as old as Oklahoma

Yesterday was my dear husband's 50th birthday. It was also the centennial of Oklahoma entering the union.

As we do, he was bemoaning turning 50 and talking about feeling old.

Sam piped up and said, "You're only half as old as Oklahoma. You still have a long way to go.".

I don't know that hubby felt any better after Sam's proclamation, but he did get a good chuckle out of it.

In other news, both kids have strep throat and it's been a rough week for everybody. I should have known something was up when they couldn't be in the same room together without fussing.

I haven't gotten any crafting done this week. The kids are feeling better and I'm hoping to get somewhere with the mess in the sewing room.

Wish me luck.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Enchilada sauce from Heaven

I grew up in West Texas and this is the sauce my granny used for her enchiladas. I love this stuff.

Sadly, you could only get it in places like Muleshoe or Farwell, Texas unless you venture into New Mexico. Then you could find it in Texico or Clovis. If I remember correctly, it's made in Texico, New Mexico.

A few years ago I couldn't find my sauce in any stores in any of the four towns listed above. Imagine, a crazed lady driving around two states hunting enchilada sauce in a little yellow and blue can, muttering under her breath. It was sad.

I had to do without my sauce for almost two years. We were on an enchilada strike until El Monterrey took pity on the hoards of sauce lovers. Imagine the sales of beef, cheese, and tortillas plummeting, causing mass panic among beef and wheat producers.

Finally, El Monterrey came back and gave us our beloved enchilada sauce once more. They changed the packaging to a bag and naturally jacked the price up a bit. I didn't care. My sauce was back and we could have enchiladas once more.

The first thing I did when I found out we were moving to Oklahoma was buy every bag of enchilada sauce I could find, which turned out to be a measly 9 bags. Nine bags doesn't last long when you like enchiladas and your family begs for them regularly.

I enlisted the help of my mother in my enchilada sauce quest. She located 15 bags and bought those for me and sent them my way.

Whew! Crisis averted....until today.

I'm making enchiladas for dinner. I've hunted through the pantry and all of the cabinets. I'm down to my last bag of enchilada sauce. Woe is me.

I called the El Monterrey company and am thrilled to tell you they still make it. They won't send me any, but they still make it. I asked them about stores that carry it and was shocked to learn that S&S Supermarket in Clovis, NM is the only place it can be found.

I'm afraid when DH goes to see his folks the next time, he's going to have to make an enchilada sauce run.

If you every see this stuff anywhere pick up a bag or two or a dozen. If you don't like it let me know and I'll take it off your hands.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

A couple of things

Here's the wool that I'm going to turn into a snazzy handbag. I'm awfully confident aren't I?

For some reason, I thought this was a hounds tooth, but it's not. It's just a little check. Even better. I think I have the perfect thing to use for lining.

I found a little bag of old wooden spools at the thrift store. So cute. I hadn't seen some of these shapes or colors before.

Green floral apron

I decided I was going at this apron the wrong way.

Why wad the apron up and throw it in the corner when the instructions are the problem?

I took those instructions and crammed them in a drawer and just did what I wanted with the apron.

It turned out okay. It could use some adjustments on the straps in the back, but otherwise, it's a cutie.

It looks better on a body. The inset at the bottom is ruffled and because I haven't ironed it yet, it hangs a little funny. I either need a dressform or a model.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Taking time to regroup

I'm having a bad crafting day and finally turned off the light and shut the door. It's time to regroup.

I'm still plugging away on the apron. I'm not terribly bright sometimes, but somebody goofier than me wrote those instructions.

I swear, I've alternated between tearing my hair out, taking out stitches, and stomping. At one point I wadded the whole mess up and threw it in the corner.

I'll get it sorted out, just not today.

I decided that since I can't seem to sew, I'd torture the wool dress instead. Right now it's in the washer with hot water. I hope to get it cut and into a bag this week.

I've been working on a few ideas for Etsy. We'll see if those work out when I'm done regrouping.

Quiche...nothing but a fancy omlet

When DH and I first got married the poor man had never eaten quiche. He mouthed something along the lines of real men and quiche. Blah, blah, blah. He changed his tune fast enough once he'd had his first bite. He proudly announced that quiche was nothing but a fancy omlet.

I gave him the choice of spaghetti or quiche for dinner tonight and he nearly bit his tongue off trying to say quiche while salivating like a St. Bernard.

Aunt Jo's Quiche

12 ounces of bacon chopped up and thrown in a frying pan.
1/2 onion chopped up and thrown on top of the bacon in the frying pan.
1 teaspoon of garlic chopped fine and thrown on top of the onion and bacon.

Cook it! By the time the bacon is cooked, the onions and garlic will be golden brown.

While the aroma of bacon, onion, and garlic are tantalizing your taste buds, mix up the liquid stuff.

2 cups of half-and-half
1-1/2 cups of shredded mozzarella
4 eggs beaten (poor eggs)
1/2 teaspoon salt
2 good hard shakes of cayenne pepper (more if you like)
1 heaping tablespoon chives.

Mix it up.

Drain the bacon the best you can. No need to get every drop of bacon grease out of there. It's going to rise to the top and you can blot it off with a paper towel. Throw the bacon/onion/garlic mixture in with the liquid stuff and give it a stir.

Get your 2 deep dish pie crust ready. Take a fork and poke lots and lots of holes in the bottom and around the edge.

Because I'm a klutz, I put my pie shells on a sheet pan and stick it on the oven rack before filling. Yes, I've poured an entire quiche in the bottom of the oven before. Bad!

Get a slotted spoon and start dividing the chunky stuff (bacon/cheese) from the liquid mix between two pie shells. This is the only way I can get them semi even. After it's all divided, pour the remainder of the liquid over the chunky stuff. Try to get roughly the same amount in each pan. If you don't, one will cook faster than the other and then what will you do. (Hide in the laundry room and enjoy that quiche all by yourself!)

Cook for about 30-40 minutes at 350 degrees. You can tell when it's done. It won't jiggle in the middle if you shake it. Just before I take it out I like to sprinkle a bit more cheese on top and let that melt.

Let it set for 10 minutes and then cut into slices. I like to serve it with a garden salad.

If you try it, let me know.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Beautiful sky

I looked out my front door and this is what greeted me.

Not a total loss

Yesterday wasn't a total loss. I did manage to get a few things done, but not nearly enough.

This little doll is made of spools. It's amazing what kind of stuff I have to craft with when I start looking.

My granny made me one of these when I was little. I loved my little spool doll. I wonder what ever happened to her? I mainly did this just to see if I could remember how she went together. I might do some of these for the girlies that are too little for aprons.

I finished this child-sized scarf in chocolate brown.

I need to get a list made up for the nieces and nephews so I can see where I'm at in the gift making. I'm going to be an aunt again somewhere around December 11th. Gosh! That will be number 25.

Today I finally got my next apron cut out. It's a new pattern and I'm having to think about it too much. I think it's going to be really pretty if I can get over this mental block I'm having.

Saturday, November 10, 2007


Today I find myself unmotivated to do anything. I think it's the weather bringing me down. Hot tea may be in order.

Here are the tablecloths and fabric that I bought the other day.

This blue and green is the worse of the two in terms of condition. It has a hole that at one time was patched, but now the patch has a hole. How sad. I'll give it a good wash and soak followed by ironing and see how it looks then.

I like this yellow and red with the bows. It seems to be in pretty good shape.

Here's the fabric. I picked up two yards for $3. I really don't think they knew what they had. Most older fabric is considerably higher. As I said before, my granny had a dress and matching apron out of this fabric. She's been gone for 22 years and I was probably 10 or 11 when she had this. Let's just say it's old and leave it at that.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Frugal shopping day

I didn't have lab this afternoon because I've been a good 'kid' all semester and haven't missed any classes. I chose to spend my free afternoon hunting and pecking through the thrift and antique stores.

I found 2 yards of fabric for a shockingly low price at the antique store. It seemed very familiar and I finally figured out my granny had an apron out of this very same fabric. Wow, that makes it at least 30 years old if not older.

I get such a kick out of the antique stores. I've probably got 90% of the stuff they call vintage and it was new when I was a kid. Either I'm getting old or antique/vintage items are younger than they use to be.

I found a 100% wool hounds tooth dress for $1 at the thrift store. It has snap pockets and I hope when it's felted they retain their shape, only smaller.

At the really yucky thrift store I found a couple of 50s style print tablecloths for 50 cents a piece. I'm not sure why I decided I needed those, but they followed me home anyway.

I'll take a picture of the fabric and post it. I'd be interested to see if anyone else remembers it.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007


I finally signed up at Etsy. So when countrytraditions shows up, that would be me.

My mother and sisters are pushing me to sell and I'm dragging my feet. I told them maybe after the first of the year. I just don't have time right now and that wouldn't be fair to anyone.

I don't know what I'd make to sell that there aren't a million of already. I'm going to have to do some thinking and planning to see if it's even worth the time.

Wool bag

I bought an extra large 96% lambs wool sweater at the thrift shop the other day for $1 and managed to felt it without too much trouble on my first try.

I decided to try my hand at bag making. I had planned to give it as a gift if it worked out, but my sister snatched it up and has laid claim. I'll just have to try another one.

The body of the bag is the body of the sweater and the handles are made out of one of the sleeves.I lined it with a dark blue cotton since that happened to be on top of the pile.

I was tickled that my Pfaff sewed right through it without any problem. I was afraid it might be too thick.

Gift from Sue

I recently entered in Sue's 200th post giveaway and was the lucky person to have her name drawn. I visit Sue almost daily and was tickled to be the winner.

Sue sent me an adorable little journal, a precious doll pattern, and a 2008 calendar.

As much I love all of my little gifts, I treasure knowing a sweetheart like Sue so much more. Thank you Sue!

Monday, November 5, 2007

Fallish apron

I didn't get this one done in time for Halloween, but it will still work for Thanksgiving. This is Simplicity 3979 (American Diner).

Overall, I'm not thrilled with this bunch of aprons. They just don't fit girls with any meat on their bones. Forget it if you have hips or are well-endowed.

This one is going to one of the nieces that actually works in a diner.

Sewing notions

I cleaned my living room today and had to dust my bowl full of sewing notions. It lives on the treadle and boy was it dusty. I took everything out of the bowl and group it up to share with all of you. These are things I've gathered over the years.

Pst! A can of air is the only way to clean stuff like this. It's fast and easy.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Rag quilt

Here's the rag quilt I made yesterday. I finally got the seams all clipped and got it washed. What a mess! I told my sister there was more rag quilt in the washer (in bits and pieces) than what I'd just put in the dryer.

This is going to a sweet little lady in the local nursing home. Caitlyn drew her name for the 'adopt a grandparent' program at school.

Be sure you click on this lower picture so you can see the mess I still have to clean off of the flannel. Now multiply that by...oh, say 10,000, and that's what was in my washer. Next time, we're going to the laundry mat.

How I did it: Cut equal numbers of 6 x 6 blocks from old blue jeans and flannel. Sew the first square of flannel to a denim square (wrong sides together) with a 1 inch seam.* Next, take another denim and flannel square put them wrong sides together. Sew the two sets together with the denim on the outside. When you get it done it should look like, well two pieces of denim with the seam on the outside. Keep adding sets of squares until you get it as long as you want it. Start another strip and make it as long as the first one. Keep adding strips until it's as wide as you want it.

I made mine 6 blocks x 7 blocks which works out to a good lap size.

Now you want to go along and clip all of the seams so that they'll fray in the wash. Be sure you don't clip through your seam. This was the hard part. Cutting through two layers of denim and two layers of flannel was more than my poor hands could take in one sitting.

Throw it in the wash with a little detergent and fabric softener and let it do it's thing. Take it out and go outside and give it a good shake or two. Loads of little threads will fly! I popped mine in the dryer, but you could hang it out if you wanted.

Finally, clean all of the little threads off the flannel side and it's ready to use.

I hope these instructions are clear. If not, holler and I'll see if I can help. There are loads of places on the internet with instructions too.

* I messed this part up. I started out with a 1 inch and ended up doing a width of my presser foot seam. I'm going to have to fix a spot where it came loose in the wash.

Warm and cozy crafting

I spent the better part of yesterday working on a denim and flannel rag lap quilt. The sewing is easy, but the clipping is hard on my hands. Today I don't think I could do it if I tried. I must be getting old. Once I get it all clipped and washed I'll show you what it looks like.

I finished my child sized scarf. I had it completely done except the binding off and discovered it was too wide. I've found that most scarves are too long and too wide to fit comfortably around a child's neck. I worry about them tripping and strangling an unsuspecting kiddo.

This is 10 stitches cast on size 19 needles, knitted the entire length. This works up really quick (I can do one in a couple of hours if I get with it). I used double strands of Lion Brand Homespun in Candy Apple Red.

I've started another one in chocolate brown for another little person.

The girlies are getting aprons and boys are getting scarves this year.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Known by the company you keep

I've been in an online funk lately due to one of the boards where I was a member.

I've come to the conclusion that I don't want to be associated with those people. They're rude and hateful. A favorite past time is running other fine people in the ground and picking fights. I wouldn't want other people I 'know'on the internet to think I was also rude and hateful by my association with them.

I prefer to hang out with people like HerbalAnnie, NancyJo, Sue, Humble Origins, and the like. They are ladies that I'm proud to be associated with. I want friends that will lift me up and be lifted, rather than drag me down into the muck where they wallow.

Yes, it's time to do a little online pruning and only associate myself with those who are worth the association.

Thrift store aprons

The thrift store had a few more aprons today and here are the three I picked up.

This one is a holiday themed little thing. Look at all of that rick-rack. It's all sewn on by hand.

This one isn't particularly old, but I liked the way it fit and got it to make a pattern.

It takes a special apron for me to call it ugly and here it is. I'm sure somebody was thrilled with it at one time. I got it because I'm interested in the straps and ties. The bib is huge, even on me with my generous bust. The apple pie is machine appliqued.

Thursday, November 1, 2007


A while back I lucked on to some attachments that would fit my Pfaff. This afternoon I finally got up the nerve to try the ruffler.

Oh my goodness! I've never had so much fun. I think I ruffled on every setting it had and still have a few combinations to go.

I think I can see lots of ruffles in my future.