Monday, November 5, 2007

Fallish apron

I didn't get this one done in time for Halloween, but it will still work for Thanksgiving. This is Simplicity 3979 (American Diner).

Overall, I'm not thrilled with this bunch of aprons. They just don't fit girls with any meat on their bones. Forget it if you have hips or are well-endowed.

This one is going to one of the nieces that actually works in a diner.


Sue said...

It's pretty and perfect for Thanksgiving! You do such nice work, I still need to try my hand at a apron!

Nancy Jo said...

I can only make a half apron, so yours looks pretty good to me. I know what you mean about the way some of them fit. I'am a small person, but have enough on top that a lot of the aprons just don't fit right.
Should I send you some kitchen curtians? Sorry to hear about you string being gone, I could send you some of that too.
You have lots of fun sewing stuff too. I have a pan full of it , not sure what good it is, but its fun to have. Of course if you looked around my house you could say that about most things, so lets not talk about it.

Humble Origins said...

...Oooooo, I like that! You do great work! Do you sell these? I'd be interested... :o)

...Isn't it great that aprons are making a comeback? I've always loved them and nothing brings about feelings of nostalgia quite like holding your mother's or grandmother's apron...

...Great job!


JLynnette (Aunt Jo) said...

Sue, thank you for the sweet comment. You can do it. It's really not hard.

Nancy, you made me giggle. The curtain offer is sweet, but I'm holding out for a remodel. If I had more string the kids would just find something else to tie up. You should see the mess of sticks and twigs they wasted my string on.

TJ, I am honored by your compliment. Your work is outstanding and I can only hope that some day mine will be half as good.

Right now I'm trying to get Christmas gifts made and so I'm not selling anything. Possibly after the first of the year though.