Sunday, November 25, 2007

Did a little sewing

After my Friday posting binge, I got busy sewing on Saturday.

I finished my sister's, the chef-to-be, apron. It turned out pretty cute.

I'm worried it's not going to be enough coverage. This particular pattern is reported to fit size 4-24. I don't believe it. I'm tempted to get more of these fabrics and go with the Qwik Sew pattern that I know would cover well.

Anyway. Here's the recipe side.

and the olive side.

I started on the flannel sleep pants for the kids. If I had known how ridiculously easy this pattern was (Simplicity 3669), I would have cut out all four pairs at once. As it is, I only cut out one. These little britches were 35 minutes from the time I cut them out to hemming the last leg. It doesn't go much faster than that.

I've decided I'm sizing impaired. I got both kids and measured them and came up with all kinds of odd stuff.

Caitlyn's size according to measurements: Height (size 6), waist (size 10), hips (size 7).

Sam's size according to measurements: Height (size 8), waist (size size 12), hips (size 7).

My scientific way of sizing was to take the three sizes and average them. I came out with a 10 for Sam and an 8 for Cait.

I had both kids try on the purple pants and they fit both in the waist and hips. The length was good for Sam, but Miss Shorty Britches needs about 4 inches cut off.

That doesn't look like much for all of the effort I put into yesterday.

Unfortunately, it's cold and the kids can't go out so they have cabin fever. I don't need them any sicker than they already are or I'd poke them out the door and wave as they headed for the treehouse. I broke up fights and separated kids most of the day. Definitely not how I like to spend my time.


Humble Origins said...

...Love, love, love that apron! And 35 min. to make pajama pants?! It would take me 35 min. just to get the pattern unfolded! lol... ;o)

...Great job & great stuff! :o)

JLynnette (Aunt Jo) said...

See, I didn't tell you about wrestling with the pattern, tearing it, taping it, ironing it, melting the tape...

I don't tell all of my dirty secrets.

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

I love that apron too, the colors are so cozy! You'll have to join our Farmgirls on Etsy team, just get ahold of Kay for details or I can probably steer you to her! And make a Esty mini for your blog too, all the more traffic the better!