Monday, November 19, 2007

What a day

Sam had a doctor's appointment in OKC today so we spent most of the day running around up there.

Let me just say, if the road crews are working on a road and have it closed, I would dearly appreciate them putting the 'Road Closed' sign further out so I don't drive down the said closed road and have to figure out how to get turned around. Boy did I feel stupid and I wasn't even in OKC yet. LOL!

Construction was just crazy all over town and I don't do crazy.

The good news, he doesn't have to go back to the doctor unless something comes up later on with his ADHD. She's very impressed that he's being homeschooled and doing so well. We are blessed!

I had the opportunity to do a little bit of shopping so I took it. I wouldn't drive 75 miles to shop any other time so I thought I was doing a good thing.

I got this fabric to make my chef-to-be sister an apron. It just screamed her name. I found the recipe print at Hobby Lobby. and the olive print I found at Hancock Fabrics as a remnant.

Sam, being a 9 year old little boy, found the only glass shelf with a corner broken off in the whole store and cut his arm as he walked by. Hobby Lobby will be receiving a box of Band-Aids for Christmas. I couldn't believe no one had a bandaid of any kind. Of course I also couldn't believe they had a broken piece of glass being used as a shelf either. He's fine and Hobby Lobby changed out the shelf. Now Sam doesn't want to look at anything in that store again. Poor kid.

I normally don't fall for fat quarters due to the ridiculous price, but one of my current projects is fat quarter friendly and I can get two or so items out of one so it makes it not quite so cost prohibitive, plus these were on sale at Hancock Fabrics. There are some yard+ length remnants under the fats.

Now I'm tired and my head hurts from clenching my teeth most of the day.

Oh, I also picked up a bag making book. I'm having fits with my wool bag and I need help!


Annie said...

Oh, I wish I'd been shopping with you today! It would have been more fun than 2 hours in the orthodontist's office.

The fabrics are great! How did Sam do while you were fabric shopping? I remember the days of standing in the fabric store for hours while my mom looked at every single bolt of fabric in the store. Twice. :D

Nancy Jo said...

Aunt Jo, you have benn busy since I was here last. I was right with you on that ride to town, I would have been in tears, I don't like to drive and that would have done me in. Such a whimp I'am.
I think the store with the glass shelve should have given you a big discount on your purchase. Most people are not as nice as you and would have had a lawyer in there.
You have lots of pretty material to play with I see. The apron should come out really cute.
Glad to hear little Sam is doing well, bet he can't wait till Christmas.
Nancy Jo

JLynnette (Aunt Jo) said...

Annie, that would be too much fun. If I can ever get there for a day we'll have to hook up and go shopping.

Sam did great. He loves to look at fabric and tell me all of the things I could make for him out of it.

Nancy Jo, road construction makes me nutty. I'm a little town driver, not a big city driver, and any deviation from the normal throws me for a loop.

I was really disappointed in the attitude from the employees about the shelf. It was kind of like, oh well.

It's too close to the holidays to be cranky and sue-happy. I was just pleased they changed the shelf out so that no one else gets hurt.

Both kids are climbing the walls excited about Christmas.

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

I'm not a big city girl at all either, love to go once and while to shop, but I couldn't live in one! I love the fabric you got, such rich colors and I can't wait to see what you make from them! Happy Thanksgiving!!