Thursday, April 17, 2008

Jazzed-up Shower curtain

I vetoed DH decorating the bathroom in the basement. We've all seen the wonder that is the man-den. I'd have nightmares showering in the same room with an animal mount. Never mind being able to do anything else. The eyes are watching. Ewww!

On that note, redecorating can cost an arm and a leg if you aren't careful or cheap. Personally, I'm cheap and I freely admit it.

I normally love it when people give me stuff. I really do and I appreciate it as well. When my baby sister gave me a black bath set I wasn't sure what I'd ever do with it besides maybe put it in the dog house for Tucker. It's black for Pete's sake!

So, being cheap, I have a black bath-set, but now I need a shower curtain to go with it. The shower stall is already really close to feeling like a cave and so anything dark just won't do. We need white!

Here you have your run-of-the-mill white shower curtain from the local dollar store.

I dug around in the fabric bins and came up with this cute black and white polka dot print and decided to try my hand at prairie points which turned out really well I thought. Once I sewed them all together I used a bit of quilt binding and finished off the edge. I then took my strip of points and sewed it to the shower curtain, just along the factory seam.

While the prairie points are cute, it needed more so I pulled out the button jar and started searching. I found 8 white and 8 red buttons that 'fit' together nicely and sewed those onto each point.

This is how it turned out. Yes, I know it's wrinkled. What more could you ask of 100% polyester. I'll take care of that later.

Now my bathroom is coordinated in black and white with a spot of red.

Total cost:
Shower curtain - $3.00
Fabric - $0.75
Quilt binding - $2.00
Buttons - no charge.

$5.75. A designer shower curtain for cheap!


Beemoosie said...

OH, you are my idol!!! Way to go, you've got those "design on a dime" people beat!!
Have a great weekend!

Sue Neitzel said...

Great idea, and black/white/grey bathrooms are all the rage right now, so your hip and didn't even know it! I love a good deal! Great job!

SchnauzerMom said...

Great job! Black is not something I would choose for a bathroom, in style or not. But you made it look good.

Danetta said...

This just looks really great and such a good use of stuff you already have.

tj said...

...Aunt Jo, you need to change that last line to:
"A Designer shower curtain for $5.75 - Priceless." lol... ;o)

...I love that shower curtain too! And who doesn't love Prairie Points? Really.

...Great job! I'd say HGTV is gonna come a callin' here soon...

...Blessings... :o)