Thursday, March 26, 2009

I have to come clean

About the clean comments that is. I'm afraid I gave the impression that I'm a neat worker. Actually, it's just the opposite. Just look at the conditions I'm working in.

See the plaster dust, dirt, and gritty stuff on the carpet. Yuck! Wait though, it gets worse.Those buckets are full of plaster. The trashcan has plaster, tack strip, and 79 years worth of dirt that has been vacuumed out of the walls. The table is a flat spot and so is piled with all manner of junk. I have to keep the insulation off the floor or the cat tries to eat it. Please note the box of books and my black sweater that are covered in dirt.This is the treacherous side. The lathe to the left of the long white baseboards is to be put up where we need it. The pile on the right side is kindling for future fires. The dining room is tetanus waiting to happen if you're not wearing shoes. So see, I'm really not a neat-nick. I can't stand tripping over stuff and so everything gets shoved to the side I'm not working on at the time.

DH also commented on my bang-up insulation job. He thinks I should hire out and forget biology. Unfortunately, I'd end up being a gopher for a construction crew and delivering coffee isn't my idea of a career.


SchnauzerMom said...

I was going to suggest you go into the remodeling business but I see your viewpoint. You're just as neat as I am. I'm impressed by what you've done so far.

Living on the Spit said...

I consider this to be in great shape...if I had a go at it, it probably would be a whole lot worse!

AutumnLeaves said...

Didn't I call that one before your DH??? LOLOLOL I still think this looks neat! I'd be pulling my hair out by now!

Annie said...

When you get finished there, you're coming over here for a couple of weeks, right??? My stuff is a cake walk compared to what you're doing!

I forgot: Happy Anniversary!

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

It's still a ton neater than most, so don't be so hard on yourself! Your doing a great job and you should be proud!

Amy Ellen said...

Seriously for what your doing it looks really good. Even the "bad" pictures, LOL