Thursday, March 19, 2009

I have muscles

Yes I do. I might add that they are super sore today. Ouch! That tells me I've been lazy.

The questionable ceiling tiles are bagged and waiting for testing before disposal.

I'm taking the nails and staples out of the lumber to be reused later on. I have a special plan for it. It's hard to find a place to store 12 foot lumber.

We're having second thoughts on tearing out the plaster ceiling. More news on that later.

If all goes well and I get my lumber pile de-nailed, I'll have more demolition pictures later.


Mama Koch said...

Aleve works good for sore muscles.

AutumnLeaves said...

I'd be bedridden for a week after all that you've accomplished in a day or two! LOL Now I am wondering if you just can't replaster over the old ceiling? Or use joint compound to create a skim layer of new ceiling? I don't know...just tossing out the ideas! LOL