Monday, June 30, 2008

Time's up!

We have a winner, chosen by my very special helper, L.T.

I came in from class and L.T. was standing guard over her piece of paper. The little thief (she has a thing for paper) had stolen it out of my drawing bowl. So much cuter than a random integer generator, don't you think?

Congratulations go to Ellena who said her favorite color was red. Send me your address and I'll pop your prize in the mail.

Thank you to everyone who played along.


Annie said...

Congratulations to Ellena! Do we get to see what she won??

Ellena said...

Thank you Aunt Jo, you have a very smart kitty cat, and very cute
I did't think I was a cat person but apparently L.T. know more than I do.

SchnauzerMom said...

Congratulations, Ellena!

sweetiepie said...

Congratulations, Ellena! Nice win.