Friday, June 6, 2008

My Granny's quilts

I'm fortunate enough to have four of my granny's quilts.

Granny had a quilt frame suspended from the ceiling in the big bedroom. Each side of the frame had a row of little nails and the corners were held together with C-clamps. When it was time to put a quilt together, Grandad would unroll the frame down to a comfortable work height. Granny would take her quilt back and stretch it on the frame, poking the nails through the edge of the fabric. Her next step was to put down her lining, what we would call batting today. Most of the time it was an old blanket, such as an electric blanket that quit working or maybe even a worn out quilt. Next came the quilt top. All of the layers were stuck over the nails to hold them in place. She would take long pieces of crochet thread and start tying. Once the entire quilt was tied she'd take it to the treadle sewing machine and bind the edges.

I loved sleeping under her quilts as a kid. They're heavy and they just make you feel so cozy. I learned early on to put the string side down so that the little strings wouldn't tickle your face.

This quilt is an example of her everyday utilitarian quilt made of muslin and the inside is an old blue floral blanket. The whole thing is tied with green crochet thread. I remember her making this type the most. Muslin was cheap and there was always an old blanket around.

This is another tied quilt. This one was my grandad's quilt for his bed. I faintly remember her making this one. The back isn't muslin, but it is cotton. The inside is an orange blanket. It's tied with ecru crochet thread.
I helped Granny make this one. She taught me to sew on the treadle joining these blocks together. The back is muslin and it's tied with ecru crochet thread. The inside is an electric blanket complete with wires. I washed this one the other day (gasp!) and when I took it out of the dryer (double gasp!) I found a little silver spoon in the lint trap. I never saw the spoon when I shook the quilt out before putting it in the washer and didn't see it from the washer to the dryer. One of the seams is loose and so I wonder if the spoon was inside the quilt. I'll probably never know. Just a little funny.
Mom said this is one of my granny's company quilts. Mom graduated in 1964 and remembers it from before then. She thinks it was probably made in the 50s. I have it hanging in my guest room. It's hand quilted and probably hand pieced. I remember seeing this one as a kid playing in the closet.
Granny and Grandad have been gone almost 22 years now. I'm so thankful I have these quilts to help me hold on to my memories.


Danetta said...

Precious Memories

SchnauzerMom said...

Wow those quilts are gorgeous! Those are some very precious gifts to remember her by.

Annie said...

Such wonderful family treasures!

tj said...

...Those are beautiful! I especially fell in love with the last one, such pretty use of color...

...Lucky you to have those and the precious memories that come with them...

...Blessings... :o)