Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Early this morning

I gave myself a stern talking to last night and got out my package of bean seeds. According to my calendar it's still June and I can still plant beans.

So I was up early this morning, barefoot, in my nightgown, and armed with a hoe, ready to plant beans. (Don't let that mental picture scar your brain.) I leveled out the gourd hill and planted between 20 and 30 soaked Kentucky Wonder beans in two rows. I erected a red-neck fence of cedar poles and granite slabs and told the dog, "No digging.". Yeah right. He might not dig back there though because it's the only place he hasn't dug for oil already. We'll see.

With any luck at all, I'll have beans at the end of August. I may not have many, but I can hope for a few.

Now, a few pictures I thought I'd share. Mr. & Mrs. Mockingbird are building a nest in the grape arbor.
A crook-neck squash baby.
A teeny tiny pickle, uh, cucumber.
Tomatoes almost ready to be picked.
Little bitty banana peppers
A straight-neck squash baby.


SchnauzerMom said...

Great photos, almost makes me want to plant some veggies. I'm not up to the work involved though.

Danetta said...

I love fresh produce. If you get a hybrid from that yellow and zuchinni squash on the bottom I want to see a picture of it.

CLU said...

I can't believe you have tomatoes already! Ours are just flowering. I have tomato envy. Way to go.