Monday, June 9, 2008

Rain, Rain

Go away until you can play nice. Actually, it's not the rain that has me perturbed, it's the incessant thunder, lightening, and gutter failure that's got me cranky.

A check of the rain gauge this morning said 4 inches and saw me headed for the basement to make sure everything was dry. Whew! Not a water spot to be found. By noon we'd received another 6/10 of an inch. One corner of the garage seems to have taken on water due to a faulty gutter. The thing that irritates me, it's never the same danged gutter twice. They take turns!

Anytime we get this much rain in one evening it's always fun to see what's out of place.

Like these ducks. They should really be at the fishing hole or another body of water. Instead, they're doing their ducky thing on the side of the road, far from any kind of lake, pond, or spit hole.

Just look at that water whirling and crashing. This spot is just up the road from the ducks above.

Little Deep Creek is really running. Evidently I just missed the refrigerator that went floating past. The rural electric guys were watching and saw it all happen.
This is the side of the bridge where we held aquatic biology labs. It looks a lot different today. Usually the water here is, at best, calf-deep.
This morning my holly hocks were laying on the sidewalk. They straightened up a bit, but had to have a little help with some fishing line.
I hope everyone is making it through the storms okay and not losing too much sleep.

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SchnauzerMom said...

We got less than an inch of rain. It was nice while it lasted though. I love your hollyhocks!