Tuesday, July 1, 2008

It's raining birds

Last night there was quite a bit of bird activity on the ground and so I went to investigate. This little Western Kingbird is resting on the lilac bush.I walked out to see the canna progress and nearly stepped on this little Mourning Dove when it fell out of the tree. This morning there are five Kingbird babies and a couple of Robins on the ground. Mr. Fuzz is in the laundry room shooting me dirty looks because he can't go outside.


Nancy Jo said...

Aunt Jo,
Better keep the kitty in the house. Those little birds could be in big trouble. My daughter has one cat that just loves birds. Guess some do and some don't. But needless to say she doesn't have many birds around her house, the message got out to stay away. When she comes over here she can't believe all the birds we have.
LOOK at all those beans you canned! I haven't done that in years. Maybe I should start doing it again.

sweetiepie said...

I love birdwatching. I have a feeder just outside my kitchen window. I can watch while I have my morning coffee.

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

I love the birds too, still trying to attract them to the new house, never had it rain birds before, hope they are ok? Sorry I missed the giveaway, darn! And those green beans sure do look good, I miss canning!

Valerie said...

I love thie pictures of the birds. This is my first visit with you and I enjoyed it and will be back.

SchnauzerMom said...

We have lots of birds too but I don't know what kind they are.

JLynnette (Aunt Jo) said...

Mr. Fuzz is pretty good about leaving the birds alone. Once in a blue moon he'll get a dove that's not paying attention.

The babies fall out of the trees when they're just learning how to fly. I never really paid any attention to them until I moved to OK. Of course in NM we just had sparrows and grackles. None of the cool birds I have now.