Monday, July 21, 2008

Green chili stew

Mom made green chili stew because both she and DH love it. I don't care for it, but that's okay. I still love them and will can it.

I knew she made a big batch because it filled the water bath canner, but I had no idea how big. Try 36 pints big. I was surprised. I thought 24 pints maybe. Nope, 36.

I know a couple of people who are going to be eating well this winter.


SchnauzerMom said...

Wow you're really stocking up. I should do that.

Annie said...

You've been a busy bee!

I thought it'd be green.

JLynnette (Aunt Jo) said...

Mom uses lots of tomatoes in her green chili stew.

I've seen some that is almost clear with chunks of potato, pork, and green chili.