Friday, March 21, 2008

Scenes from the sewing room

I made this little bag last night using the pattern hanging on the bulletin board. The pattern is leaving my house. I've seen better patterns for cuter bags. This is one I wish I'd opened before buying. Yes, the corners are square in mine. The rounded corner is an option and this pattern was out of options by the time I got to that part. Sewing should be fun, not frustrating.

How about a pear pin keep? A free pattern I might add. I made this with 100% thrifted materials (fabric, stuffing, poly pellets). It stands a whopping 11 inches tall. Now that's a pin keep!

I found this little table sitting next to a dumpster this morning. I'd have been crazy not to back up, make a U-turn, and go get it. It just needed a couple of screws to hold the top on. Silly people. I'm going to put it in the basement guest room as a night table. I think it's cute.

I stopped by a garage sale and found these sock stretchers for $1.

I finally found the rug beaters in the storage room and got them hung up. I just adore old stuff like this.

*** Give-away news:

I added a bunch more stuff today. :)

So far we have 50 signed up. That little number includes people, cats, and dogs.

If your pet isn't signed up, go ahead and do it. I'm all about having fun. Besides, this is a legit way to get your name in the pot a bunch of times. And yes, grand-dogs and cats count too.


SchnauzerMom said...

Great stuff there. I love the pear shaped pin keep. That table is very pretty. My DH has been known to pick up stuff that people put out in the trash. Perfectly good stuff too.

Annie said...

Can't add the grand-fur-babies. I'm already at an unfair advantage with forty'leven cats!

trisha too said...

That's it.
I wanna ride around town with YOU!

Who in their right mind would ditch that totally cute table by a dumpster??????

Lea of Farmhouse*Blessings said...

I loooove the pear pin keep. Can you share where you found the free pattern. You do lovely work, too! And I love the thrift finds too. You just can't beat a recycled treasure, can you?

Please add my cat, Shy, to the drawing. He was a bit jealous of Twigs, his mother. Maybe he'll even learn to cross stitch!