Saturday, March 15, 2008

Irky Saturday

Thank you for the well-wishes for my FIL. Right now he's in the hospital after collapsing three different times on Thursday. He's in his 80s and little things are hitting him harder than they once did. DH is going to NM (5-1/2 hours one way) to be at FIL's next doctor appointment on Thursday for a follow-up on his liver cancer.

We got all of the painting finished up in the living area. Half-Pint even helped by rubbing on the edge of a door I'd just painted. She's notoriously helpful that way.

I need to wrestle the vacuum and carpet shampooer down the stairs and get started. I just need to find my oomph first.

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Danetta said...

Hi Aunt Jo. I found your blog today because of a comment you made on Pioneer Woman. It wasn't the comment that caught my eye but the Aunt Jo part. My kids called my favorite aunt Aunt Jo and I miss her dearly. I have spent the past couple of hours reading your blog from the beginning and I am so glad I did. I really enjoyed your posts and love the subjects you cover. You are real and I like that. Thanks for helping to make my day today.