Friday, March 7, 2008

How to thread a Pfaff 130

Nearly everyday somebody lands on this blog that needs to know how to thread a Pfaff 130. I hate to think that some poor lost soul isn't using their machine because they can't thread it.

Be sure to click on the pictures so you can really see what we're talking about.
My only request is that you don't make snarky comments about the amount of fuzz on the tension dial. I honestly didn't see it before I took the pictures.

Here we go!
If this is what your machine looks like then we're in business.

Let's follow the numbers and thread this machine.

Go under 1, around 2 right to left, down to 3 and under, right to left, from the right go into 4, but not through the curl of wire, go under 5 from the right, hold thread straight up and push against machine to slip into 6, through the top hole in 7 from right to left, down to 8, again push thread against machine and it should slide in there.

From 8 go behind 9 and finally through 10, the eye of the needle, from front to back.

All done! I hope this helps. If you have questions just leave a comment.


SchnauzerMom said...

I love that sewing machine, it reminds me of one my grandmother had. Don't know what happened to it.

JLynnette (Aunt Jo) said...

I love to sew on it. My mother-in-law gave it to me when they were clearing out their house. I found out later she'd only sewed maybe 5 hours on it in 50 years.

Lady Galadriel said...

It's very kind of you to want to help and to make instructions available this way.

Could you possibly tell me in what order the upper thread tension should be assembled? I am pretty sure mine was wrongly put together, but I don't know the right way. There are the tension disks, a metal cup, a spring, and the plastic knob. I don't know which order or what orientation is correct (which way the pieces face). The instruction manual does not seem to say.

Thanks so much!

JLynnette (Aunt Jo) said...

Lady Galadriel, let me see what I can do.

Lady Galadriel said...

That would be fantastic; I appreciate it.

So far the combination that seems to work the best, although it still doesn't seem right, is this one:

with the tension disks, then the spring with the narrow part of the cone inside, then the metal cap with the solid part outwards, then the plastic knob. But I don't think this is quite right. Thanks a bunch!

Giselle said...

Any chance you could post an entry about how to thread the bobbin thread? My Pfaff is driving me crazy. I already tried lowering the needle.

MiniMadWoman said...

I inherited my Grandmother's sewing machine and it's been sitting in the basement because I had no idea how to thread it . . . well, that and I'm afraid of it! LOL!!

Thanks to you I will give it a try!


Meg said...

I have my grandmother's pfaff 130 and really want to use it but my uncle's father-in-law, who refinished the cabinet that it is in, threw away the power cord because wires were showing through and I can't seem to find a replacement. Any ideas on where I could find one???

icydawg said...

see many of the power cords on ebay!!

Laura said...

Thanks so much! I too have my grandmother's Pfaff 130 & forget how to thread it every time. This blog is a lifesaver!

Steve said...

Joy, your blog came to the rescue of this new Pfaff 130 owner. We were close, but not quite. Thank you for your concise instructions and clear pictures.

Tammy Ngo said...

how do i thread up the bobbin on the pfaff 130 i am one of those lost souls that are not using my machine because i can not thread the bobbin or the top until some one on face book posted your link for me ty for that .any help would be great thank you again