Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Hump day

I'm so glad it's Wednesday. Only two more days of class and then we're out a week for Spring Break. While the kids I go to school with are partying hard, I'll be partying the old lady way, at home with the vacuum and a paint brush.

We need to paint the downstairs living area, shampoo the carpet, and move furniture in. I would really like to be finished with this before Monday. This includes having the mounts hung. It's the man-den after all.

We'll have to straighten out the upstairs living area and rearrange furniture because we're taking two pieces of furniture out to put downstairs. I plan to do this Monday and clean floor to ceiling. It needs it badly. Can you see the vicious circle begining to take shape?

Once the livingroom is done, I need to straighten out the computer room/office because the gliding rocker is going into the livingroom. I've got a stack of text books in the floor almost two feet high from writing that paper last weekend. It's a mess in here.

Then, it's time to change the bedroom furniture around again and hang the summer-time curtains. I also need to find a headboard. I got a bee in my bonnet last summer and sold our bedroom suit because the furniture was just too big for the size room we have now. Old houses have smaller bedrooms and need smaller furniture. I managed to replace everything with very reasonably priced antique pieces that fit the space much better. All but the headboard that is. I'll be hard pressed to find an antique queen-size headboard that I can afford. If I can find a full-size in good shape and reasonably priced I'd make it work.

I'm going to get my closet door hung in the sewing room. I'm not asking anymore. I'll just do it myself. I am perfectly capable after all.

If I can get all of that done I plan on having an extended date with the sewing machine.


SchnauzerMom said...

Your Spring Break is making me tired. We're taking a week of vacation next week and will probably do similar things. Oh well.

JLynnette (Aunt Jo) said...

It makes me tired too.

This is my only chance to do this kind of thing and really get the house in shape before guests decend on me for graduation.