Thursday, March 20, 2008

Dressed up bulletin board

I have this old, yucky looking bulletin board and it needs to be dressed up.
Get a piece of quilt batting and cut it to fit just inside the frame. Like this. Now cut a piece of fabric of your choice just little bit bigger than the batting. You want it big enough you can stick it under the frame.

Take a butter knife, or a case knife as my granny called them, and start pushing the fabric up under the frame. I found it worked best if I started at one end and kind of ran the knife along under the edge of the frame. The fabric just slipped right in.

Just keep pushing fabric under the frame and go all the way around until it looks like this. Doesn't that look better?

Now, go forth and make it as foofy as you want it.
I decided to add green seam binding and a couple of muslin yo-yos because everybody knows seam binding and muslin goes with toile. It's just classy!

I only wish I'd thought to paint the frame first.

Come back later for my adventures with a peeping Tom and Thankful Thursday.


SchnauzerMom said...

Love that bulletin board, very cute, great idea!

Annie said...

Woman, how'd you get to be so darned clever??

Beemoosie said...

Your bulletin board is lovely! I adore the fabric, the valance in my kitchen is a similar pattern.