Sunday, March 30, 2008

Flower Power

I'm baaaack! I managed to work myself into a complete state of overwhelmed tizzyness, but I'm better now.

Mom brought me a bunch of flowers that she'd overbought and didn't have a place for them. We drug out the pots and cleaned them up and got busy planting.
Who can be grumpy with a daisy that looks like this?

So, now that I'm no longer having a 'moment' thanks to the help of my mother and copious amounts of paper and ink, let's get back to having fun. Shall we?

I have the drawing participants updated and plan to draw the winner Tuesday morning right after I get back from the plant sale at school.

Now to answer some questions since I'm too lazy to go back to the original posts.

Lea asked where I got the pear pin keep pattern. I found it at Sassafras Hill Primitives. I also snagged the trio of crows. Too cute!

Lea wanted to know how Horton Hears A Who was. I loved it! DH laughed so hard I almost made him get up and leave. It was really funny to see this 50 year old man belly laughing at a kid's movie.

Sue asked about chalk board paint. It's kind of like painting with pudding. It's really thick and smells to high heaven. I did two coats, one up and down, and one side to side. Otherwise, I really like it. We do math in the laundry room a lot. :)

Country Girl wanted to know if that was a bottle of beer on the table. Nope. That's his old DP bottle that he's spitting in. Yuck! The head behind him is an elk. Not my idea of decorating, but it's the man-den and I just turned him loose. I haven't seen Enchanted, but want too.

Suzanne of At Home with the Farmer's Wife, I received the cards you made and I love them! I'm in awe of your talent. I stink at stuff like that.

Well, I think that's all. I can't seem to concentrate with the weather radio screaming at me.

Have a blessed and happy week!


SchnauzerMom said...

I love that daisy, it's gorgeous!

Annie said...

Ah! We're watching "Enchanted" right now. It's so cute.

The flowers are gorgeous!