Saturday, October 27, 2007

What I managed to get done

I have a zillion things I wanted to do today and I didn't get a quarter done. There's just not enough hours in a day it seems. It didn't help that the kids were either killing each other or being too quiet. It made me uneasy.

So my accomplishments for the day...

I made a stocking. Of all the things I needed to make, this wasn't one of them. LOL! Oh well, it was fun and easy to do. It just needs to be pressed and then the toe won't have that wonky spot.

Next was this childs apron. It's a girls size 7/8. I plan on make all of my nieces an apron and this is the first of the bunch.

This morning my dear husband told me I was being selfish when I told him I planned to sew all day. Selfish? I have to admit it hurt my feelings just a bit.

I give to him, the kids, my mother, and school all week. I asked for one day and I'm being selfish? This after he comments on the roast I'm sticking in the oven. Pfft! Just for that, I'm sewing tomorrow too. I'll show him selfish. Of course I'll be sewing between loads of laundry and getting ready for school next week.


Annie said...

The apron is adorable! What pattern are you using? I might follow suit and make aprons for my nieces this year. As for sewing tomorrow, too, you have my permission! :)

JLynnette (Aunt Jo) said...

Annie, I used Simplicity 4692. It was pretty easy. Sometimes I think the instructions are convoluted, but this wasn't too bad.

Annie said...

Thanks! :D