Monday, October 29, 2007

Well phooey!

Yesterday I was primed and ready to make a new apron. I had my fabric picked out, had chosen the pattern, and sat down to read the instructions only to find part of them missing.

Now where do you suppose pages 3 and 4 went? I tore the sewing/guest room apart and didn't find it. I hunted in the living room and dining room. Didn't find it.

I tried to remember where I had it last and when I'd used the pattern. I had the kids looking and grilled them about it. I could see one of them thinking it was a cool coloring page and getting off with it. Nope. They were innocent.

Today I picked up my chemistry notebook and guess what was under it. Yep, pages 3 and 4 of my instructions. I guess the message here was study instead of sew.

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Sue said...

Hey AuntJo, you WON my 200th post giveaway!! Congrats!! Email me with you mailing info so I can pop the giftie in the mail to you! So happy you won! Happy November too!!