Monday, October 1, 2007

Thrift store apron and fabric find

Here's a cutie I picked up at the thrift store just moments ago. I was so excited to show you fine folks that I forgot to take the price tag off. I didn't realize until I got to the car with it that it is a full apron. The neckline is more square, which I really like. All of the aprons I've picked up at the thrift store have never been over 50 cents.

Maybe I'm too nostalgic, but it makes me sad to see them discarded. I think of the hands they wiped, the tears and noses they dried, and the women who wore them. Sniff.

I also found a ton of fabric for Morsbags. I found 2-1/4 yard of red and white ticking and 1-1/2 yards of light canvas. I think some of the red and white may be destined for an apron. I love ticking.

This morning before class I picked up my holiday fabric for yo-yos. I think I'll yo-yo this afternoon. Maybe I can at least get started drawing circles.


Sue said...

What a neat find, I've never seen any aprons at my thrift stores, hopefully no one here gives them away, like you, I think it's sad to discard all those memories tied to them!

Annie said...

What a sweet thought about the apron! I'm searching for a good thrift store, maybe in one of the smaller towns around... I think they might have better "stuff".

What's the yo-yo thing?

JLynnette (Aunt Jo) said...

Yo-yo's are good for lots of things. Quilts, pillows, garland, etc.

I'm going to use mine as tree garland this year.

Annie said...

OK! Quilts & pillows I can get, but I can't get my tinsel-wrapped mind around garland! Pictures as they come together, please!