Monday, October 15, 2007

Eggs Benedict complete with Hollandaise sauce

Since it's just us girls here at the house I decided to go all out for dinner. My husband would chew boot leather before he would let this much butter touch his lips.

I have to say, he just doesn't know what he's missing. Lands! That was good stuff.

I figure I'm going to die one of these days and until then, I'm going to eat well. I refuse to live in fear of my arteries clogging and my waistline expanding. That said, I don't think I could eat this richly very often. Maybe once a month.

Check out Pioneer Woman for this delicious recipe. Quick, simple, and utterly delightful. Sinfully so.

We could be good friends. She likes her butter as much as I like my butter.


Nancy Jo said...

Hi Aunt Jo,
You are right, can't be afraid of everything, just careful. I always said these real real health nuts that are afraid of anything that tastes good are going to be real surprised when they die. Now see Aunt Jo that is a good example of not being nice and not respecting other people's life style. HA. Well your egg dish looks yummy, and you have a pretty apron on.

Heather said...

Hello! I hope you don't mind, but I've been really enjoying reading your posts. I left a comment on your earlier post about the patterns you bought. I'm still really interested in the McCall's 8741 pattern; I need an apron and some kitchen textiles, and I wanted to work on my chicken scratching. I checked your profile and as it turns out, I am also a student and I also live in OK. If you're not interested in selling the pattern and we live close enough, could I come visit or invite you over so I can see it and copy some instructions? Thank you very much, and I'm sorry to bother you so much. :) I hope you enjoyed your egg dish!

Annie said...

That looks yummy! I've never had it... hubby loves it. Maybe I'll treat Hubby to some for being a good cat daddy.

Breakfast is consistently my bad meal of the day. Two slices of toast dripping in butter and a cup of coffee laced with Swiss Miss. Can't do without it!

Sue said...

I've never had eggs benedict before but it does look good, I do love pioneer woman!!

Katie said...

I do love butter! Just last week made a pumpkin-cranberry bread which called for butter -- turned out sooo yummy and moist. Certainly can't eat 'scared' all the time . . . nor would we want to eat our buttery treats every day. All things in moderation. But please include butter!