Friday, October 5, 2007

I think I need help

I should just stop going to the charity thrift store. Every time I go in, I come out with an armload of stuff.

Today's treasures for $19.11
6 yards of 52 inch heavy cotton fabric in dark brown
5 yards of 50 inch heavy cotton fabric in tan
1-1/3 yard cotton muslin
1-1/2 yard pink gingham homespun
1-1/2 yard rose floral on red
1 yard blue gingham homespun
1 yard fine pink stripe
2 yards yellow floral print
1-1/8 yard of green and blue polka dot

a couple of pieces that are less than 1/2 yard of rosebud seersucker, yellow/blue floral, tan on tan floral.

1 coffee can of old buttons

I'm going to force myself, and I do mean force, not to buy any more fabric until I get some sewing done. This is just ridiculous.

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