Sunday, October 28, 2007

Happy Birthday to my baby sister

Just for the record, she hates it when I call her my baby sister. She prefers youngest sister. I tell her to listen to her elders and with me being 18 years older, I'm definitely her elder.

23 years ago today my baby sister was born. She was a mess when she was little. Honestly, she's still a mess.

I fed her the first solid food to touch her lips. I taught her to pet kitties nicely and not to pull their tails. I held her hand when she started walking and picked her up when she fell down. I yelled at her when she got caught shop-lifting and my mom didn't do anything but sell her car.

Today, there won't be a birthday cake around here. My sweet baby sister is off in South Carolina studying culinary arts. A month or so ago I helped her pack her car for a three day trip that started the rest of her life. I miss her terribly.

Happy Birthday ABL!

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