Monday, October 22, 2007

New trash can

I love enamel items. I have an old chamber pot that belonged to my grandparents that I use as a trash can in my bathroom along with a child's chamber pot and a bedpan that I have sitting on a shelf. My favorite is black and white although if I really like the piece I'll take red and white.

I happened into the antique store today and came home with this lovely for $5. This enamel ware piece is 15-1/2 inches tall and 10-1/2 inches in diameter. It's seen better days, poor thing. There are a couple of places where the enamel has chipped away and there's a small hole in the bottom, but nothing that would prevent it's use.

I've got the perfect place for it next to my sewing machine. Surely I can hit this with those little snips of thread and clips of fabric.

So, does anyone have an idea of what it's original use might have been? Let me know.

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