Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Left pocket syndrome

The attachments have arrived, but I can't play until possibly tomorrow.

Tuesday and Thursday are bad days for trying to squeeze in crafting time because I have class and labs all day.

I started my mom's apron last night and all was well until I discovered a screwed up right pocket. I wasn't paying attention when I pinned the piece and on one pocket the pattern was upside-down. Rather than have an obvious mistake I decided to cut another pocket.

Full of confidence I cut it, only to discover it was another left pocket. Huh? How'd I do that?

So I tried again...and ended up with yet another left pocket. Now I've got three left pockets and no right pocket.

I finally gave in to "left-pocket syndrome" and just turned everything off and shut the door.

I blame my sister for this sudden syndrome. She's left-handed and told me yesterday to be sure and put her pocket on the left side of her apron.

This morning I was determined to get a right pocket if it killed me. I took my left pocket and laid it on the fabric next to the pattern piece and cut out the correct pocket. Whew!

Now I'm back on track. Maybe I can get a little sewing done this evening.


Nancy Jo said...

Aunt Jo,
Your pink apron came out really cute. Sorry about yesterdays pocket problem, but looking back it is kind of funny. I guess three times is a charm.

JLynnette (Aunt Jo) said...

Thanks Nancy Jo.

Yes, the pocket fiasco is funny. I wish I felt like working on it tonight, but I'm just whipped.

I've been vegging out in front of the TV making yo-yos.