Thursday, April 16, 2009

Waffle Hair uh, I mean House

Some times life is funny, but then again, not so much.

I'd never ever eaten at a Waffle House until today. Chances are I'll never ever eat at one again. I'm plowing through my breakfast like a farm hand when I spy a hair. I think to myself, hmmm looks like a cat hair, so I start to pull it off the plate. But, it just keeps coming and it's not a cat hair. Ick! That son of a gun was a good 6 to 9 inches long and under half of my food. Gag. Never again. The good news, I didn't blow my diet eating at the Waffle House on Meridian.

I got Mom dropped off at the airport for her impromptu trip to South Carolina. My baby sister's been having some problems and Mom's going to take care of her and try bring her home for a little while. They should be home Saturday.

DH's dad has decided to check himself and MIL out of the nursing home on May 1st so they can spend the summer in the mountains. I hope to Pete it works out okay because that room will go fast and I don't know where they'll lay their heads at night if there's a problem.

DH's dad also insists that you don't have to pay taxes on interest and dividends. Hello? If I get a 1099I or 1099D I'm declaring it and paying the taxes whether he likes it or not. This has turned into a huge debacle and I refuse to participate any longer.

In house news, the wall between the living and dining room is almost finished and I'm nearly done with the dining room ceiling. I'm shooting towards having all of the mud work done by Friday night so I can sand Saturday or Sunday. I'd love to be texturing come Monday.

I've got a crick in my neck, a rip-roaring case of bronchitis, and enough drama to float a boat. I'm not whining. Just telling it like it is.


SchnauzerMom said...

How gross, hair in your food. Sounds like the cook needs to be wearing a hairnet.

sweetiepie said...

Aunt Jo, I have been doing tax prep for over 20 years and I can tell you without a doubt that if you get a 1099 with your name and Social Security Number on it, you are liable for the taxes on that income. Don't let anyone tell you different.

Sorry about your breakfast. Maybe that was God's way of keeping you from cheating on your diet.

Take care.

Annie said...

The one time I ate at Waffle House, we almost came to blows over the four glasses of orange juice that the waitress put in front of us that we had NOT ordered. Looked complimentary to us. $8 later, we found out differently. Never went back again.

Hope Baby Sis is OK.

AutumnLeaves said...

Oh my goodness. That would have grossed me out as well. Hairnets are not pretty but if it helps prevent these types of incidents, restaurateurs should require them of employees!