Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Ringing in the New Year

Happy New Year to all of my blogging friends.

We celebrated at home with family last night. Good food, board games, and lots of laughs.

My sister sat her egg nog on the washer while she took clothes out of the dryer and Mr. Fuzz snuck a drink.

Doesn't he look satisfied with himself?

This morning I woke up bright and early (4:30) to a calf bawling outside my bedroom window. Huh? A calf? Yep, right in the middle of good old Weatherford. I jumped up, threw on my housecoat, and headed outside to see what was going on.

Poor baby! A little bitty black calf was standing out of the wind, bawling for his mama, and when I came around the corner he took off. So I did the neighborly thing and called the police. I didn't want him to get hit by a car.

We nearly had him, but then a sweet young police officer tripped on his own feet, scared the calf and he took off again.

By 7:30 the police still didn't have him caught and I was tired of flapping around in my housecoat in the cold North wind so I came in the house.

At one point we had four police cars, a sherriff's department car, and Fire & Rescue on the side and front streets by my house, all with lights flashing and at least one door standing open. It looked really bad.

The last time I saw the calf he was headed West at a dead run.

By noon all of the cars were gone. I wonder if they caught him?


Sue@CountryPleasures said...

I can imagine what your neighbors were thinking? Lol I hope that poor little calf found it's mama and is keeping warm and safe! I love cows! lol

Humble Origins said...

...Aww, I bet that was cute! Poor lil' thing outside in the North wind with your housecoat on and all... lol... You thought I was talking about the calf at first didn't you? lol... :o)

...Sounds like the lil' calf found some help - hopefully he's home safe and sound...

...Happy New Year!

...Blessings... :o)