Thursday, January 31, 2008

Husband update

Thank you for all of the prayers and well-wishes. It means more to us than we could ever express.

DH is better. He was freezing last night and as a result slept underneath me part of the night. He'd get up to go to the bathroom and come back to bed shivering uncontrollably. Poor baby. He slept with his electric blanket on high and he never does that.

This morning he actually slept in a bit and said he felt 'okay', but had a horrible headache. He had a couple of dizzy spells, but nothing too serious. I made him stay in bed as long as he could and then parked him in his recliner.

Not one to sit around idle, he was stir-crazy by noon so we went to the local Mexican food place and had lunch. He just picked at his food and said he didn't feel very good.

Our little excursion wore him out so back in the chair he went. I made him promise to stay home and recover while I went to class. I took every set of car keys so if he went anywhere he'd have to walk.

When I came in at 5pm he was sound asleep in his chair, covered in a blanket and two cats.

He looks better now and his appetite has returned. I think one more day of recovering and he'll probably be good to go.


Beverly said...

Wow, Jo...sorry to hear about this glad it turned out alright! Will put hubby and you in my prayers for continued recovery! Scarey.....

Beemoosie said...

Very good news...have a peaceful weekend!