Friday, January 11, 2008

Father-in-law update

I just got off the phone with DH. He's on his way home and should be here about 10 pm.

His dad has secondary liver cancer. Secondary meaning it's not the primary site and they can't find the primary.

His doctor believes that these may be cancer cells that metastasized 20 odd years ago from his prostate cancer. The doctor also believes he'll either die of old age or a heart attack long before this cancer kills him.

They do plan to do a liver biopsy sometime in the next week to see exactly what they're dealing with and if needed, remove part of his liver.

So for now we're treating his ulcer and waiting for a liver biopsy.

DH said Dad was visibly relieved to hear the news. Evidently he was quite upset this morning and expecting the absolute worst news.

Mom (DH's) has made a miraculous recovery in the last two weeks. They finally put her on insulin and she's ambulating well, able to get up and down by herself, her vision is improving as is her mind. I'd like to kick the doctor that refused to put her on insulin because he thought she could control it with diet alone. Obviously this doctor didn't know she regularly (2-3 times a month!) sits down and inhales a 5 pound box of chocolates.


Annie said...

I'm glad it was a positive report. What was the doc thinking - "someone needs to come with..."? I would have been awake all night having panic attacks!

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

Sounds like good news, thankful! We just found out that my father in law has colon cancer, and it's in 60% of his liver too. They are going ahead with chemo to see? Now, I worry about my hubby and his kids....

Beemoosie said...

Praying all is well. You have so much going on...

JLynnette (Aunt Jo) said...

Annie, I can only guess it's because FIL hasn't been keeping up with appointments and such and the doctor was afraid when he said cancer that's all FIL would hear.

Sue, I'm so sorry to hear about your FIL.

Beemoosie, thank you for the prayers.