Saturday, November 15, 2008

A tale of two mixers

I inherited the green Sunbeam MixMaster when DH and I got married. His mom dumped it on him when they sold their house and decided to live life on the road.

I've used it a time or two and liked it. Since moving to OK though it's been in a box in storage and I haven't really missed it. Until today.

Today is fruitcake making day and I needed something to help mix up the batter. I drug out old greeny and then couldn't find the beaters. It dawned on me that I'd probably donated them sometime during a cleaning frenzy. I try not to have too many cleaning frenzies because I end up getting rid of stuff I might need later. Like the beaters.

I decided to try the thrift store here in town and see if they had some. Normally there's at least a couple of pair hanging around. Not today though. The only beaters to be had belonged to hand mixers.

I ventured over to small appliances and spied the white mixer. It's the same brand as the green one, but older and it had the beaters. I figured for 3 bucks I could take the beaters off and if they fit the green mixer I'd re-donate the white mixer.

I brought it home and sure enough the beaters fit. Unfortunately, old greeny decided to give up the ghost after a steady stream of black smoke started billowing from the head. I couldn't get it out the door fast enough.

I finished up the fruitcake using the older white model and it runs like a champ. It even has a speed for fruitcake. How's that for serendipity.


tj said...

...Hello Aunt Jo! It sounds like Ol' Greenie was waitin' for a replacement to come by so it could retire! ;o)

...And you make fruitcakes? I remember my grandma getting one every year from a friend of hers for Christmas. After that she would ponder on who she was going to "regift" it that a recipient of your fruitcake would do such a thing as I'm sure your fruitcake is delish! ;o)

...I like the new mixer - Seems you got a great deal too!

...Blessings girl... :o)

Pieceful Afternoon said...

I had one of those old white mixers - worked like a slave for years. Now that I have the new Kitchen Aid I've let the old one go to the thrift store to be someone else's treasure. It sure was fun to have though - just like my mom used when I was growing up.

SchnauzerMom said...

I have a strong tendency to throw out things and then discover later that I need them and end up having to go out and buy them again. I'm glad the new mixer is working so well.

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

Thank goodness for backups! Let us know how your fruitcakes turn out!

Lissa Jane said...

Aunt Jo
my mum had (and now does) have that SAME mixer.. and it is a workhorse and a half!


Annie said...

The mixer looks kida like the one we had. Mom bought me an Oster Kitchen Center (mixer, blender, meat grinder, etc, etc, etc, all on one base) that's held up for 30 years but is a lot of junk to store that I don't use.

'Course, if I ever tossed it, I'd need it the next day....

Danetta said...

The new one looks just like the one my Granny had. It's older than me and was still working when she passed.

I did have knee surgery to repair a torn meniscus last Thursday. I'm doing very well and wondering why I put it off for so long.

Marsha said...

I grew up with the same model as your white mixer. What a trip down Memory Lane! As I remember it did work great. They have such great character...don't they. :-)

sweetiepie said...

I think the older appliances were made to last. I still have an International Harvester refrigerator in my basement that works as well as the day it was new and it runs as quiet as a mouse. I think this company quit making appliances in about 1950. That is probably why they went out of business. Nothing ever broke so no one ever needed anything new.