Tuesday, November 25, 2008


If Kimora Lee Simmons can have fabulosity, then I can have hideousity.

Be prepared to chuckle.

These are the lamps that my in-laws gave me. I thought, "Hey, those are kind of cool. I can use them in the guest room."
{Insert hideous music}

Then my FIL drug out the shades. Gasp!What the heck! Those tuley-gold-braidy-ruffled things turned perfectly respectable lamps into some kind of French fashion disaster. Ack!

I tried to not take the shades, but FIL insisted.

DH made comments about those ugly shades for 300+ miles while bringing them home. I even tried to dump them at a truck stop, but DH caught me.

There's no way I'm using those shades unless they undergo a complete overhaul.

Otherwise, I love the lamps.


Mama Koch said...

Well, if you can't do the dumpster there's always the ETC. shop. Or...maybe they'll come back in style??? surely not.

SchnauzerMom said...

Call me weird but I think they're cute. But then they're not in my house either.

sweetiepie said...

When I look at those shades I see a chorus line of French cancan dancers with their skirts pulled up showing their layers of petticoats. I don't know why that vision came to mind.

Pieceful Afternoon said...

Oh my - those would make a strong man cry I'm afraid. I love the lamps without the shades. Who thinks up stuff like that? I say off to Goodwill with them where someone else will find them and thing they are a treasure - you'll be doing someone a good deeed.

Lissa Jane said...

you know, I like the lamps the shades remind me of twirling skirts you seen dancers wear.. the shades dont do it for me, but I think you could make something lovely out of them!


Sue@CountryPleasures said...

They look like they are ready to take off! Poor us, we take things we don't really like or want so we won't hurt the feelins of others, you get a A for effort! I like the lamps without the shades too! Maybe you can re-do them?

ReRe said...

first i shuddered, and then i laughed out loud.