Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Do you love it or do you hate it?

I love fruitcake that has been embellished.

That said, my mother-in-law always orders one from Collin Street Bakery, every year, in October. By the time Christmas rolls around you could use that thing for a curling stone. It's hard and dry. She goes the unembellished route being a teetotaler, which is fine. I hate that fruitcake. Blech!

I've been talking about making one and today finally got the ingredients. Sadly, I've hit a snag. I can't find my embellishments. We cleared out the cabinet over the fridge before my in-laws came in May and honest to Pete, I can't find the booze anywhere. I don't know where we hid it.

Does that tell you anything about our drinking in this house? It's pretty much nonexistent. I cook with it and that's about it.

So far I'm missing a couple ounces of tequila, a good bottle of 14 year old Brandy, and a couple ounces of rum.

I guess I'll have to ask DH when he comes in tonight and see if he remembers. In the meantime I guess I'll go put away the fruitcake stuff until I can find it or replace it.

Update:I found it! It was in the "Oh crap a tornado's coming" room. Because, you know, when a tornado's coming you should get sauced. :)


SchnauzerMom said...

My DH loves fruitcake, I hate it. Now rumcake, there's another story, I love that stuff.

Needle and Thread said...

I am not a fruitcake lover, but my mother is. Every year she makes a lot of fruitcakes for her whole family. My mom like to pour a lot of brandy on her fruitcakes.

Enjoy your fruitcake,

Danetta said...

Yeah, not a fan of fruitcake. Just the thought of it brings back the smell of the embellished kind my granny used to make. You have a good time with yours!

Annie said...

Back in The Day, my old best friend in high school gave me some fruit cake that her grandmother made. It was the best stuff I'd ever had, and I never got the recipe. They're all gone now, including the friend, so I'll never know how it was made.

I still have the bottle of Crown Royal that hubby bought me the first New Year's Eve that we spent together. Considering Alatariel is now seventeen.... tells ya what party animals we are!

ReRe said...

i can honestly say i've never had a fruit cake, but i've always wanted to try a piece! i remember being little and telling my mom i wanted fruit cake and she said "you don't eat fruit cake, you give it as a gift." hahahaha

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

I love a good fruitcake, meaning it has to have a little booze in it or on it! We have some monks that live in Ava that are world famous for their fruitcakes, one year I'll drive over and check it out! But they are easy to make, just find a true recipe. Good luck!

tj said...

...(*giggle*snort*)...I'm gonna have to remember that one next time the tornado siren goes off! lol... ;o)

...Good luck with the fruitcake! I never had one freshly baked, I would bet that it is much better than those ol' hard, stale ones I remember as a child... :op