Tuesday, June 9, 2009

On my wall

I have this affinity for old platters and odd plates. I try to imagine where they've been and what they've held during their time.The one at the very top was a thrift find and it weighs a ton. Quite a bit of the gold around the rim has worn away and it has a chip in the edge. It's had a hard life.

The one in the middle on the left has been with me for years. I'm sure I picked it up at a garage sale years ago. Somebody, besides me, had loved this platter. I adore the shape with the delicate rose band.

On the top right, that's my granny's platter. I can't remember a meal that she didn't eat off of it. Breakfast, lunch, dinner and holidays, she always used it. It isn't very big at all. In my mind I can still see her one biscuit, piece of sausage, and gravy on that platter. She's been gone almost 23 years.

In the center is the plate rack I bought the other day filled with mismatched little bread and butter plates and saucers. I understand now why it was sold. The plates have to have an absolutely flat back or they try to flip out. It was easy enough to solve with a little tape and care.

What's on your walls?


SchnauzerMom said...

Beautiful dishes. I love them but have no room. My walls are covered with paintings, most of them I painted myself.

AutumnLeaves said...

I think I love that one with the roses too! But the best story goes to your grandmother's platter. Homemade art (drawings and paintings) are on my walls...plus one large painting that M brought into the marriage. He got it at one of those art sales you sometimes see advertised on television.

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

I'm plate and platter girl too, have many on my walls, I also use pretty plates or small bowls for soap. I like the way you displayed them, very nice!

sweetiepie said...

I love the way you have displayed your platters. It is fun to try to imagine what life was like when those platters were new and what kind of food people served on them.

Hmm...now I am hungry.

Annie said...

My walls are covered in cobwebs and the occasional cat hair fuzz ball. ;) I have a very large eagle-in-flight cross stitch that I did for hubby back in the day when I had the patience, some Home Interior junk, family pictures, mirrors, and random stuff.

I've been contemplating doing the same thing with the box full of old plates from my grandmothers.