Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Happy, Happy Birthday Baby

My baby sister is 24 years old today.

From a little squirt that would laugh at the drop of a hat...
to a bigger little squirt with curls. Would ya' look at those curls!
Now she's all grown up, going to culinary school and working in a fancy restaurant 1800 miles away.
Duck confit, anyone?
She's miles away and I miss the little squirt.

Happy Birthday, from you meanest big sister. I love you.


Living on the Spit said...

That is so cool you had a baby sister and were old enough to appreciate it!!!

Yes, happiest of birthdays to your sister. Cheers!


Danetta said...

Happy birthday to your sister and thanks for stopping in. Are you back from your trip?

SchnauzerMom said...

I hope your sister had a great birthday! She looks gorgeous! Is she going to cook Thanksgiving dinner?