Sunday, October 14, 2012

Two days with no internet

Hooray! It rained.

On days 11 and 12 we had no internet. It's surprising how much stuff you can do when you're not glued to a keyboard or mouse, staring blindly at a screen. It also helps when the electricity goes off for a bit.

On Day 11 my intention was to sew, but short of dragging out one of the treadle machines or sewing by hand it wasn't happening. Instead, I schlepped furniture downstairs to the basement. The bench from Day 1 and the table from Day 5 are out of the way for the time being. No more stubbed toes or grumbling husband.

Day 12, still no internet. Bummer. I tackled the garage and took a load of paint-able furniture to storage. Now DH is really happy. Silly man, I have a plan for that stuff.

So, while there's no pictures to show my finishes, I did finish a couple of things.

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