Thursday, February 21, 2008

Update of sorts

This stomach bug is still making the rounds. My sister has it now and Caitlyn has it again. Mom hasn't fully recovered from her bout. So far DH and I are untouched. This is a nasty one.

The sewing room isn't being worked on very fast. Between illness and school I haven't had time to play.

Here's my old drying rack. I usually have my old linens and pillowcases displayed here.

I wrestled the tall shelf down the stairs without killing myself and put it in place. What you see here is all I've managed to get done.


tj said...

...Sorry to hear you're feeling out of sorts - you'll be back in the groove again before long!

...Give yourself a lil' credit for getting done what you did on your sewing room! It may be a little but it's more than if you would've just said, "oh, forget about it"... ;o)

...Get well soon! Love the drying rack - I have one just like it!

...Blessings... :o)

Nancy Jo said...

Hi Aunt Jo,
Sorry to hear that everyone has that flu bug. My family has not been hit YET!! Hope it stays that way.
I love drying racks. I have one and have been looking for another one. I saw one last year and didn't get it, still have buyers regret on that.
Make sure you post a picture when you get your room done. And hope that flu bugs gets out of your way.

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

Gee, that bug must really like your family, shoo it away with tons of vit. c and disenfect the place! lol I love the wooden drying racks, hard to find anymore but I will sooner or later!

dadowers said...

Hope everyone's better soon! Flu is big news on the tube. At least it's a break from Hillary. ;) The sewing room looks like it'll be a corner of heaven!