Wednesday, December 26, 2007

A sashing we will go

I pulled out the Courthouse Square quilt blocks and cut the sashing this morning. I decided of all the colors in the block that I liked the navy blue the best. It's the least represented color and so it's not overwhelming.

I plan to do 3 across x 5 down. That will make a nice sized lap quilt and use all of the blocks.

Sadly, the muslin in the blocks was cut on the bias and so it's very easy to stretch a block out of shape. I've become very familiar with my seam ripper today.

I hope everyone is having a lovely day and wish you all peace and love in the new year.


Sue@CountryPleasures said...

The navy blue is perfect!! It's gonna be so pretty!

Nancy Jo said...

Hi Aunt Jo,
Hope your Christmas was a happy one, We had a lot of fun with the kids big and little. Had a bee or two in my bonnet the last few days, been changing things around and cleaning out any drawer or box I can find. I should calm down in a day or two.Started a new embroidery for a pillow and then I think I will tea stain it, and then hope I still like it after I dunk it in tea., HA.