Saturday, December 8, 2007

The mailman brought me gifts

Annie contacted me earlier in the week wanting my address. She said she'd found a doo-dad and thought of me. Awe!

Today, the mailman brought my doo-dad and I love it. Thank you so much Annie!

How cute is that? It's a tiny little pincushion to be worn on the finger or thumb. Genius!

Please ignore the wedding band that appears to be cutting my finger in half. I might have had a bit too much salt yesterday.

I might as well warn you now. This is going to be a multi-post kind of day. I've got tons to talk about.


Annie said...

Hope it comes in handy! I'll be saving bottle caps in the future, I imagine.

Aren't wedding rings supposed to cut into your finger??

OK, I wanted to edit but couldn't and now it shows that I deleted but only because I couldn't figure out how to edit. Sorry.

JLynnette (Aunt Jo) said...

I've already used it and it's great.

What a great idea.

Wedding rings are supposed to cut off your circulation and I think mine is well on it's way.

No problem on the editing. Blogger is nutty sometimes.