Thursday, September 27, 2007

Pfaff 130 trouble shooting

Okay, now I feel stupid. These are general notes for myself. I'm sure one of these situations will happen again.

  • If the needle bends and it needs to be replaced, be sure to not push the needle all the way up in the needle clamp. You shouldn't be able to see the top of the needle when screwed down.
  • If the thread wraps around the center hook, carefully the hook, unwrap the thread, and replace hook making sure that bobbin case has not turned.
  • If you have the center hook out of the machine and need to lower the machine, keep your hands off the hand wheel. Turning the hand wheel will cause the bobbin hook to turn and it's a real pain to get it realigned.
  • If the bobbin thread isn't being picked up, be sure to check how the needle is set. Sometimes lowering the needle in the needle clamp is all it takes to get things going again. See the first bullet.

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