Friday, September 28, 2007

Rotary attachment find

I just won an ebay auction for these Kenmore-Greist rotary attachments. I really didn't need the attachments since I have most of them already, but I really did need the 36 page instruction book.

Here's what it is.

Vintage Kenmore-Greist Sewing Attachment Feet and Instructions

Lot consists of:
Greist ruffler
Quilting bar
Quilting foot
Combination adjustable zipper attaching and cording foot
Shirring foot
Multi slotted binder
Flange - wide hemmer
Narrow hemmer
Narrow hemmer and lace attachment
Combination edge-stitcher - tucking guide and top braider
Shirring plate
Seam guide
4- #60501 bobbins
One screw driver
Box for attachments in very good condition- Box #60710
36 page instruction booklet

The seller is relatively close and so I should have these pretty quickly. I can't wait to try the ruffler.


Bright Meadow Farms said...

Oh my gosh - that instruction book looks just like the one for my Mom's sewing machine! I think my sister has that machine now - but she did have the ruffler attachment and also the buttonholer. It really made nice buttonholes, much better than my zigzag machine does under my guidance.

JLynnette (Aunt Jo) said...

Thanks for visiting!

I can't wait to get it. I'm sure I'll be ruffling everything under the sun for a while.

The local thrift store has a couple of buttonholers and at $1 I think I might have to have one or both.

Bev said...

Hi. I found a PDF file of it from the Smithsonian Museum of all places.
I ended up with almost 3 sets from ebay and charity shop finds. The attachments are great for the fancy work I have been doing on some doll clothing.

James W. said...

Aunt Jo;
I was led to your blog in my search to identify a Greist Kenmore attachment that my wife found in the seat of a sewing table we picked up. We're going to sell it and the Kenmore Model 120 but for the life of me I can't identify what the Greist item is but I'm pretty sure it's not a buttonholer. Since you're a collector, I figured you might know. There's a picture of it at

Thanks for your help! If you can email me back the answer at james654.tpk AT, my wife and I would really appreciate it!



Sylvia said...

Aunt Jo,
I noticed in your picture that you've got the attachments with the fork like prings that are flat at the back. How do you attach them to the machine? I bought several for a sewing group for refugee women, and some of the attacyhments work with a straight low shank machinem but there are other attachments with the two prongs in the back that I can't figure out how they fit. I'm interested in hearing how they fit or if there's some kind of piece I'm missing.