Tuesday, May 19, 2009

When we last met

It was early in the morning and then, I left you hanging. Sorry about that. Unfortunately there's not much to see when paint is drying, or not drying as the case may be. We'll get to the paint later.

I promised you pictures of the saw cuts in my floor. I don't know how or when (during which ownership) these happened. DH wanted to sand them out. I vetoed his desire because they're so deep. I'd like a little floor left.Around the base of the fireplace. DH does wonders with quarter round.A rose from my garden. Ignore the honking black thing and the light reflection.Filling up shelves. I like that bunny.The manly side. Please don't judge me by the movie titles. I didn't check them before posting.So that's where we're at. The exciting news, my furniture gets to come home today. I can't wait. Maybe I can. That dining table weighs a ton and I have to help move it.

On a sadder note, the plantation shutters are no more. DH was trimming one and the saw jumped and sliced right down the middle. While I hate that he ruined a shutter I'm so very thankful it didn't get his hand, arm, or leg. I'll just make curtains. I'll have more pictures as things progress.


SchnauzerMom said...

Wow I'm glad he wasn't injured by that saw. I wonder how someone managed to cut the floor, weird. One of my favorite movies is on that shelf! Gorgeous rose!

AutumnLeaves said...

I too am glad your husband wasn't hurt! Curtains will look cute though, I know. Now...as to those books in pic #4...Are those Bobbsey Twins? Nancy Drew? I love that you have the whole set! Book envy going on here, and especially that they are so vintage!

Annie said...

Yep, definitely give up a shutter to keep the appendages.

I would never have thought to look at the movie titles until you mentioned it.... :)

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

Does this mean you are almost done and made your deadline? My son cut a few of fingers off with a saw, just the tips but still so scary! So happy it's all coming together!

Beemoosie said...

what a cute little bunny!! You've got quite the project going on there! Exciting! I'm just trying to keep the house clean these days! I do have the day off today and will work in the flower beds. Thank you for keeping in touch!