Thursday, February 5, 2009

Thankful Thursday and where I've been

This week I'm thankful for my health. I have bad habits just like everyone else, but I'm working on them.

Weight Watchers this week was good. I came down another 3.6 pounds over two weeks. Remember we were canceled the week before.

Today I'm having fits. Nothing in particular is wrong, I just feel like throwing things and screaming. Do you ever have those days?

Anyway, here's what I've been doing. I found a thrifty artichoke that was painted gold and repainted it almond. I hung these little cross-stitched hearts next to the basement door. On my newly painted walls.I painted this wall and hung this stuff up. Seriously, plaster is hard to hang stuff on. I've been fighting with the quilt rack for a week. Today I got serious and used screws. DH is going to kill me when he figures it out. Everything else is hung with super sticky Velcro.Not satisfied with painting the one little area, I ended up repainting all of the woodwork in the hallway. Here's the telephone niche. See my little uranium glass lamp and the old flycatcher?I bought new-old china. It's not really that old. They quit making this pattern in 1985, the year I graduated high school. It's made by Royal Jackson and is the Celebrity pattern in platinum. I paid five bucks for the whole mess. Service for 8 with only 5 cups.Other than that I've just been puttering around.

Tomorrow we're going to NM so we can pick up a grandfather clock and snuggle the grandbaby. I could care less about the clock, but I need some baby time.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful week and has an even better weekend.


SchnauzerMom said...

Yes I have times when I feel like throwing things, I also feel like biting someone's head off, anyone, it doesn't matter.

Love the china, it's very pretty.

Have a good trip to see the baby!

Pieceful Afternoon said...

Some days are just like that - my friend calls them mumphy days.

The dishes are wonderful - so delicate and pretty - and you've done great stuff with your painting and decorating. Welcome back

Living on the Spit said...

I don't have days...I have hours during each day!!! LOL

I love your decorating!! Have a great time snuggling the baby. Get lots of photos!

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

I think some chocolate is needed, lots of it! lol I also think this winter has taken it's toll on all of us!

Annie said...

Throwing things? Maybe just once or twice a day.

Your house is so nice. I'm starting my spring cleaning 'cause I think we're FINALLY going to move!

Have a safe trip!