Thursday, May 29, 2008

Sew-a-thon results

I wish I had more to show you. I feel like I spent most of my time fussing with the serger or picking out stitches. I emptied two spools of thread and that made me feel like I accomplished a little bit.

This is the little quilt I made to practice free motion quilting. The good news is, it's not my machine that's the problem. It's me and I just need to practice.
Quilt along week 5 block. This is my least favorite block. It gave me ten kinds of fits. I also sewed up 5 more joining blocks for the Seeing Stars quilt. Now I've got one joining block for each star block and feel caught up.

I can't show you the apron I finished, because it's going to a friend and she might visit.

I drafted pattern from an apron I picked up and started sewing it together. It's nearly finished.

I didn't get to the baby blanket or the many other things I wanted to work on. Somehow 12 hours of sewing just isn't enough.