Monday, May 12, 2008

Hello world

I had the day off from any kind of obligation other than to myself and it has been marvelous. I'm rested, relaxed, and ready to tackle the world tomorrow.

I still plan to share pictures and stories from graduation, but I need to stew on it a bit more.

Mom and I hit the garage sale to end all garage sales on Friday. Oh my goodness at the goodies. Looking back, I wish I'd bought more, but that would have broken my new rule. Any new stuff has to tell me where it's going and what it's purpose will be or it doesn't come home.

This bed told me it would like to live in my downstairs guest room.

I also picked up these two picture frames, two small saucers (not pictured) and the glass relish plate. I love dishes like this and use them so I didn't feel bad bringing it home. Ditto with the picture frames. I have my parent's wedding picture that I think will fit one of them.
Until today I had avoided being bitten by the tea cup bug. I found all three of these today as well as the pretty table cloth.

This cute little table needs some TLC and then it's going to live in the upstairs guest room. I love the shape. We saw this Saturday afternoon at the thrift store and I didn't get it. This morning I went back and I could hear it calling me when I walked in the door.

This pretty fabric was found at the super sale on Friday. There's a full yard of the pink and almost a full yard of the blue.

The new quilt-along block is up as are the joining blocks so I guess I'd better print them off and get busy.

Or, I could go caress my new tea cups. Real live bone china. It's a beautiful thing.


Beemoosie said...

The tea cups are lovely!!!! I've tried to avoid them myself...I mean like have more room for another obsession. But I don't think I'd be passing up those either!!

Congrats on your Graduation!!!
I have a giftie for you...I tore your addy off the box you sent me. I wanted to save the addy, but can't find it. I do still have the box though! Go figure. So will you please email me again!!! Thank you!

Annie said...

The table is wonderful. You know how I am about fabric. You'd better keep the doors and window locked or it may turn up missing...


SchnauzerMom said...

Wow you found some great stuff!

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

Something about teacups, I got bitten along time ago and am so glad! The stories those cups could tell, so pretty! All great finds, so glad you listen to them all! And I'm glad you had a day to yourself!